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When I created Tramuntana Flow, La Casa de la Calma, my aspiration was to share my passion for yoga, nutrition and meditation with my community. I also wanted to get involved in social projects, where solidarity plays a major role, so I collaborated with UN LAZO EN MOVIMIENTO, a cancer association, to offer health day programs. I also organised yoga classes on donation basis to support different solidarity projects.

In 2016 I got involved in the construction of a school in Haiti, which opened in September 2018. To achieve this goal, I created a platform where people can come together and volunteer for local and global solidarity projects with the following concept:

Tramuntana Flow – La Casa de la Calma – will be fully donated to host charity retreats and events.

A team of volunteers, yoga teachers, chefs and therapists will donate their time and expertise
The retreat/event fees will be fully donated to the project/s


Please visit our website and get involved in what we do. Share your ideas with us!